Ear Reshaping FAQ

آبان 1, 1395

Otoplasty Postoperative Instructions FAQ

1) What do I look like when I wake up from surgery? Following the procedure, you will have a snug dressing wrapped around your head covering your ears and keeping them in […]
آبان 1, 1395

Otoplasty Preoperative Instructions FAQ

 1) What do I do to prepare for surgery? Although the preparation for surgery is pretty simple, it is an essential element in a successful outcome. To prepare for surgery, a preoperative […]
آبان 1, 1395

Otoplasty Surgery (Ear Reshaping) FAQ

1) People make fun of me because my ears stick out. Can you help me? Although it is typical to see younger patients with this complaint, it is painful to be teased […]
مهر 28, 1395

Otoplasty (ear pinning)

  Otoplasty Abnormally protruding ears can make a child of any age the object of cruel remarks by his or her peers. For any child whose appearance causes concern, otoplasty, “ear pinning” […]