Neck liposuction FAQ

آبان 1, 1395

Neck Liposuction Postoperative Instructions FAQ

 1) What does it feel like when I wake up from cosmetic surgery? Most patients report only mild to moderate discomfort associated with some tightness or pulling. This pulling sensation, most noticeable […]
آبان 1, 1395

Neck Liposuction Preoperative Instructions FAQ

 1) What do I do to prepare for surgery? Although the preparation for surgery is pretty simple, it is an essential element in a successful outcome. To prepare for surgery, a preoperative […]
آبان 1, 1395

Neck Liposuction FAQ

 1) “How do I know if I need neck liposuction or a facelift or both?” Neck liposuction alone (without a facelift) can be used very effectively in select patients. Typically (not always) […]