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Dr. Farzan rezaee Facial plastic surgeon, Otolaryngologist Dr. Farzan rezaee Facial plastic surgeon, Otolaryngologist Dr. Farzan rezaee Facial plastic surgeon, Otolaryngologist

About Dr. Rezaei

Graduated summa cum laude from the University martyr Beheshti General Medicine 1373
Second place special entrance examinations Otolaryngologist
Get Atvlaryngvlvzhy Board in 1377
Head of the Research Center for ear, nose and throat Fajer Hospital


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Dr. Farzan Rezaei

Facial plastic surgeon, Otolaryngologist

Selected articles

October 19, 2016

Lip Augmentation

  LIP AUGMENTATION   My lips are too thin! My lips are too big! I want better lip proportion to balance my thin upper lip with my full lower lip. Whichever of []
October 19, 2016

Chin Augmentation

CHIN IMPLANT   When one considers the substantial impact a chin implant has on overall appearance, it is surprising how few people seek information on this minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. Both balance []
October 19, 2016


One of the most common requests we hear is “for the outward appearance to reflect the more youthful energy I feel inside.”   Many patients want to eliminate a tired or “angry” []
October 19, 2016


Listening to Patients is the key to every successful plastic surgery practice. BOTOX has become a more common and popular non-surgical rejuvenatory procedure. Our physicians do more than 200 treatments each year. []
  • ssss
    I wanted to have a rhinoplasty from long time ago, but I was afraid of complications. My friend introduced Dr. Rezaee to me. I did not find any problems after surgery. Now I am satisfied with the appearance of my nose. I suggest Dr. Rezaee to everybody.
  • I had a congenital deviated nasal septum and I could not breathe well, especially it was more difficult during the cold. Dr. Rezaee solved this problem for me with septoplasty surgery, now I do not feel nasal blockage.
    Sara from Iran

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