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October 19, 2016


Listening to Patients is the key to every successful plastic surgery practice. BOTOX has become a more common and popular non-surgical rejuvenatory procedure. Our physicians do more than 200 treatments each year. []
October 19, 2016


One of the most common requests we hear is “for the outward appearance to reflect the more youthful energy I feel inside.”   Many patients want to eliminate a tired or “angry” []
October 19, 2016

Chin Augmentation

CHIN IMPLANT   When one considers the substantial impact a chin implant has on overall appearance, it is surprising how few people seek information on this minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. Both balance []
October 19, 2016

Lip Augmentation

  LIP AUGMENTATION   My lips are too thin! My lips are too big! I want better lip proportion to balance my thin upper lip with my full lower lip. Whichever of []
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