Polygon rhinoplasty technique is a modern and professional method to form the nose during the surgery. It is a technique that combines rhinoplasty of nose with the knowledge of painting. Polygon is a term that is used for the shapes like triangle, rectangle, trapezoid, pentagon that have more than one side. If you want to know what the term “polygon rhinoplasty” .means and what factors in this technique have significant impacts on the result of a nose after surgery, you can study the rest of materials here. Shaping and correcting the nasal tip is a challenge in rhinoplasty procedure. Therefore, experts try to use various innovative techniques to perform this procedure with high quality results.

The polygon rhinoplasty is a modern technique, which, of course, enhances precision in eliminating defects and making great corrections in the nose. A picture is emerged by drawing objects with cubic forms and soften the edges. Cartilages in the nose are the structures that are more angular and the nasal skin softens the edges of the cartilages. The skin of the nose has the role of instrument that a painter uses to soften the cubic forms. For an expert, the anatomy of the nose resembles to cubic forms, so the surgeon during the rhinoplasty procedure works on the anatomy of the cartilage and eliminates the flaws of the nose with closed technique rhinoplasty.

Nose of each patient has its own different form and structure, so in cosmetic rhinoplasty, different methods and techniques are used to create the satisfying outcome. It is the expert’s art to use tricks that gives him the ability to bring satisfactory results for all patients. Polygon technique is a new, modern and practical technique that experienced surgeons use it to create fantastic results.

polygon rhinoplasty - Dr. Farzan Rezaei

What factors are important in polygon surgery

Knowing about the important factors that can contribute to deformity of nose is effective to understand the importance of undergoing rhinoplasty with suitable techniques like polygon method to make changes in nose in a better way. When a nose is asymmetrical and has an inappropriate shape, no matter it is congenital or acquired, it is necessary to undergo nose surgery under the supervision of a professional specialist to correct the problem. Sometimes aging can cause the drooping of the nasal tip and other deformities in this member of face.

All of these conditions can cause deformity on the nose and referring to an experienced and skilled expert will be necessary to correct the shape and form of the nose using advanced and professional techniques such as polygon to restore beauty to the nose and face.

More about polygon rhinoplasty

Experts in the field of medical aesthetics have always been trying to find perfect and less invasive methods to minimize the risks of side effects and complications the procedure and their strive has fulfilled and know the satisfaction of patients with the final results has increased a lot. Polygon is one of the approved methods in the field of rhinoplasty that now is used by nose experts and has created really good results.

In this technique, nose experts combine knowledge of aesthetics with geometry to beautify the nose to shape the constituent tissues and nasal structure by restoring the basic structure of the nose as much as possible and form it in a way that looks fantastic from different angles and sides.

Since each polygon has its own rules, so it is necessary for the expert to know the knowledge of drawing and have a high level of precision to be able to create a satisfying result. Rhinoplasty is a miniature surgery and existing imperfections are clearly visible, and the surgeon should address them with minimal errors and polygon technique is a method that enables professional experts to create results with minimum errors and the most natural outcomes.

Preparing for a polygon rhinoplasty

Preparing for a surgical procedure is a necessary measure to ensure that the procedure will be carried out in the most desirable way possible. Before the nose surgery, some steps such as taking part in consultation session, examinations, and some laboratory tests are necessary to be carried out.

Consultation session is a golden chance in the eyes of professional experts because they can assess if the selected technique is suitable for the potential candidate. Examinations and lab tests are also prescribed to be performed to ensure the patient does not have any physical problem.

Don’ts before polygon nose job

Two important points that are emphasized by expert are avoiding blood-thinning medication and refraining from smoking and tobacco products. Following these tips is important because they can disrupt the surgery result and the recovery period thereafter.

Polygon rhinoplasty technique with closed method

In cosmetic fields, experts always try to choose for minimally invasive surgeries and best results, too. Polygon rhinoplasty is one of these techniques in which the surgeon can integrate various methods to minimize the invasion and maximize the satisfying result.

By performing this technique, the expert utilizes the closed rhinoplasty technique to minimize the post-operative side effects. By closed- rhinoplasty we mean that all corrections are carried out through nasal holes and internal incisions, so there is not external incision or visible scar after the procedure. This can end up to a more natural result.

Is it possible to perform polygon and preservation rhinoplasty at the same time?

Preservation rhinoplasty is a technique that focuses on preserving natural beauty of nose as much as possible and correct the asymmetrical and abnormal features to achieve desired result. On the other hand, polygon rhinoplasty is a method to shape the nose especially in the tip to create a shape that looks fantastic in all sides and angles. Sometimes, based on the needs of the patient in the nose, experts combine different techniques that they feel can create a desirable result.

The combination of preservation and polygon technique to work on the original structure and tissues of the nose can be a creative way that results in a higher satisfaction of the outcome.

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