Nasal dorsal aesthetic lines

Nowadays cosmetic procedures are widespread and known among women and men; We are also aware that rhinoplasty is the most popular cosmetic surgery. Almost all patients have relative knowledge about the generalities of a nose job. But in this article, Dr. Farzan Rezaei tends to address another aspect of this process, which is a specialized matter and has been dealt with less than other aspects of the process. Nasal dorsal aesthetic lines or nose line contouring is a technique in rhinoplasty that has a huge effect on the new shape of the nose.

nasal dorsal aesthetic lines - Dr. Farzan Rezaei

Nose contouring means creating two identical and symmetrical lines on the two sides of the nasal dorsal, which leads to an angular nose and makes different aspects of the nose be seen much more vividly. The remarkable tip about nasal dorsal aesthetic lines is that there are two ways to create a nasal contour line. This technique can be done both with the help of non-surgical methods such as filler injection, and it can be implemented during surgery. It is worth saying that the result of applying this modification to the nose through rhinoplasty will be much more natural and attractive. Also, the result will be permanent. You should consider a skilled and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon for your surgery. Because nasal contour line is a specialized technique, it should be done by an expert. First, we will examine the contour of the nasal line anatomically, and then we will provide explanations about how it is applied by the surgeon during rhinoplasty.

What is the meaning of the nasal dorsal aesthetic lines?

The nasal line, that the surgeon contours during a nose job, are the lines that run along the nasal bone and its sides. Normally, when you look at the nose from the forehead view, you will notice two curved lines that start from the top of the eye socket and continue from the radix to the tip of the nose. Moreover, the other two contour lines of the nose are also drawn from the sides, which in other words are extended in line with the lateral bone and the upper lateral bone.

The importance of the nasal dorsal aesthetic lines is that it maintains the nose’s triangular shape, and when you watch the nose from the front view, you realize the two smooth lines created on the bridge of the nose double its beauty.

Note: The well-shaped nose tip should not be ignored. For the nose contour to be complete and perfect, all its parts must be corrected correctly to get the best result. For example, if beautiful lines are created on both sides of the nose bone, but in the lower area, that is, the tip of the nose does not have the proper shape and angle, obviously the beauty resulting from the nasal contour line attracts less attention. So, if the nose tip has significant defects, the surgeon can angle and correct it based on the principle of polygons in geometry.

Who is considered a good candidate for nose contouring?

If you pay attention and look at the faces of different people, it is quite clear that each of them has a different and unique face shape. This also involves the nose features. Some people have thick skin noses, some cartilaginous noses, and others have thin skin noses, and each of them has certain characteristics. All of these people, according to their nose structure, can be a candidate for the nasal dorsal aesthetic lines technique; Especially those who have wide and non-angular noses and those who have a projection in the middle and upper third of their nose in the lateral parts. By contouring the nose, the necessary angle is created, the nose will not be out of uniformity and the satisfaction of the rhinoplasty result will be increased.

Note: Depending on the number of flaws and defects, the amount of nose contouring may be different for each person.

Nasal dorsal aesthetic lines with minimally invasive rhinoplasty

Almost every patient wants the best techniques and approaches, such as nose contour during a nose job; In addition, they want this process to be done for them with minimal invasion and without leaving scars. One of the types of minimally invasive nose surgeries is preservation rhinoplasty with a closed method. During this procedure, a skilled surgeon can fix the defects and complete the contour of the nasal line by making only limited incisions inside the nose and causing minimal damage to the tissues.

Note: performing nasal dorsal aesthetic lines technique during primary rhinoplasty can achieve a better result in comparison with traditional rhinoplasty; Because it is possible that during revision rhinoplasty, due to re-applying a series of changes on the tissue as well as the presence of some defects, the surgeon may notice limitations in the process of implementing the contour of the nose line.

Surgical technique for nose contour

As we mentioned in general there are two types of the nose

  1.  thick skin nose
  2.  thin skin nose

thick skin noses generally have a weaker structure and their appearance is usually wide, without any particular angle or projection. On the other hand, thin skin noses are made of solid tissues and for some people, protrusions can be seen on the bone. According to the mentioned differences, applying a nasal dorsal aesthetic lines will not be the same for each of them. For some, this change is caused by increasing the tissue and for others by decreasing the tissue of the nose. In noses that have a weaker structure, the surgeon may use graft or flap techniques to create a line and give it an angle. therefore, he can contour the nasal line by adding connective tissue and strengthening the structure. This technique is usually done for thick skin noses. For thin skin noses, which generally have strong and sufficient tissue, instead of using extra cartilage, a skilled surgeon performs a nasal contour line by applying changes and shaving the bone as needed.

Considering that the defects of each nose are different from another nose, the surgeon may face other challenges during the surgery, and if he has the necessary expertise, he will be able to overcome these cases by using the right technique.

Note: grafting and tissue addition may be needed in thin skin noses contouring. But in general, the surgeon’s effort is to perform this technique with minimal intervention.

Comparison of nasal dorsal aesthetic lines with surgery and filler injection

At the beginning of the article, it was mentioned that nose contouring can be done with non-surgical procedures; Like filler injection. Although these two processes have the same goal, patients who want to beautify their noses may get confused choosing one of these two techniques.
This comparison can help people make better decisions. during the filler injection process, fillers based on hyaluronic acid are used, which are injected under the skin through points according to the shape of the nose and its flaws. You should know that although filler injection to create a nasal contour line is a non-invasive process and there is no recovery period after that, the effect of the result will not last and after a while, you must take the injection again to maintain the result.

On the other hand, the contour of the nasal line is performed with surgery, generally under general anesthesia, according to the desired technique of the surgeon, an incision is made on or inside the nose. After that to obtain the result in the best possible way, you should follow aftercare instructions during recovery. Despite that, the result you will get will be permanent and very natural, and will not require to repeat surgery and spend any more money.
The final note

Nasal dorsal aesthetic lines, nose contour, and angulation of the nose are terms that you may have heard, but may not be aware of it. You should know that this technique is very effective in making the operated nose look beautiful and should be performed under the supervision of an expert surgeon.

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